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What is Virtual Group Exercise?

Les Mills Virtual Group Exercise are movie-like versions of live group exercise classes.  These totally immersive virtual classes are played on a big screen with a projector and sound system, and feature Les Mills; leading egde choreography and hit music along with coaching and motivation from world leading instructors.  The end result is a truly inspiring experience that drives amazing results.

With a range of strength training, flexibility and cardio exercise workouts on offer, Les Mills Virtual provides the ultimate way to do the workout you want when you want.

Virtual Classes will be offered throughout the entire day to supplment the SFFLC's "in person" group exercise classes.  Our blend of In-Person and Virtual Classes will enable our members to enjoy group exercise every minute that we are open!

If you have never done a group exercise class, the Virtual Classes can be a great place to find your feet.  With amazing instructors up close and personal on the big screen you can get familiar with the choreography and perfect your technique in your own space - and then you will be hooked!

Click here to view a description of the Virtual Group Exercise Classes offered at the Santa Fe Family Life Center.